Honest Communication

The Commonwealth Business Forum,, the business and investment sub-meeting of CHOGM, is underway from today. And though I am sure you would love dull commentary on same, since I will spend part of the next couple days on the outside looking in, I thought I would not. lol. Instead, my grouse today lies in 3 words on a sticker.

No Hand Signals.

That was the bumper sticker on the taxi in front of me. He clearly meant to indicate to those behind him that he would not stretching his arm out the window, for fear it get lick off by another motorist's machine, just to tell you, the driver behind his car, that he is stopping or slowing down. I also take this to mean that he will be replacing the archaic hand signal with the more technologically and socially acceptable indicator light.


Not only does he not do the bird flap (you know, when they are slowing down, they wave the arm up and down like a crazed pigeon and this serves as notification that you should touch your brakes), but his brake lights clearly were not working, so your guess is as  good as mine from 50 m away that this fool has actually slowed down. He does not indicate he is turning left or right, so you can only guess.

No Hand Signals.

The bumper sticker is extremely disrespectful as far as I am concerned cause you are basically telling me that you don't care whether I have to hastily pull up behind you as you ply your trade. And I respect you plying your trade cause many an afternoon came when I needed you or your fellow taxi drivers to take me home. But NO HAND SIGNALS is not cool, friend. In actuality the sign should say


I would allow you that cause at least it would be honest communication.


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