Let me Spell it out for you

I have a few pet peeves, like bad driving, slow driving, bad customer service (see below). I also hate typos, or to be more accurate, poor spelling. Typos happen to the best of us. I typed phenmomenon in a previous entry and then caught it and fixed it. And you know a typo when you see it usually. But bad spelling. I am sorry, there is no excuse. In the world of spell check, you really should not have poor spelling especially when it comes to conducting business. Already for the morning, my first morning back at work, I have encountered

It ends that day with a Health Fare
Take a Sneak Peak
Asked for stationary

Of course, there was the ever popular among my Facebook posse

I will laze with you.

In case this one slipped your intellect, the person meant to say LIAISE.

And these were ALL encountered in business related communication. This is alarming. I cannot fathom applying for a job or for funding from a company, or communicating with staff or customers and misspelling something as in the above examples. I am anal about this stuff! It's like going out on a date, looking swanky and you have toilet paper sticking out of your bosom. It is disturbing and unpolished and creates a BAD impression. Even if you're not a communicator by profession, we all communicate on a day to day basis with someone unless you're a hermit. My goodness, read and re-read and let someone check it before you send it out if you're not 100% sure. Sometimes we miss stuff but don't let a bad, bad error put the reader off. That reader could be someone like me! Take an extra 2 minutes just to look it over. I mean, you are looking to get my business or my support, which should be important to you, or else you would not write me. So the least you can do, is treat your correspondence as something valuable and important as well, because one slip and your letter or your email could possibly find itself in the trash or the deleted items folder.

I can excuse and maybe sometimes ignore poor spelling in an IM conversation (yes, Christopher, that means you, darling...lol), in a text, in a personal email, but not if it is like a terminal illness and it is ever present in every sentence. Yes, I am blessed with good spelling genes but God, use a dictionary if you're not sure. And grammar...that is a whole other entry but this is just as maddening.

Thanks. Y'all are grate!


prettytrini said...

but what happens when their shure there rite, and they don't check they're spelling...lmao - girl, it hurt to type that!! It irks the daylights out of me when spelling and grammar is off, especially in work related documents. I am only 4 weeks into the new job, and I am going through and fixing poorly written material. Lord.

trinidarlin said...

I know. I don't care how many times we say l8r in SMS messages. Proper business letters must have proper grammar and spelling. That should not be compromised. Ever.

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