Change and Back Buttons

I am always a bit amazed when I read other blogs (I am a blog reader!) and there is always an entry where the author of the blog has to explain that this is his/her blog and he/she will write what makes them happy and are not trying to please the masses. One particular blogger is very popular and has a legion of loyal readers who may have followed her from her single days. She is no longer single and though her blog has not become an emotional lovefest, it has changed because...well...she has changed. Her life has gone from probably eating ice cream in front of the tv on a Friday night, to sharing vacations with her boyfriend and meeting each other's friends and silly things that happen in new relationships. Yet, when she does share a bit of this, there is always some hater who leaves a comment like "I liked your blog better when you were single" or some crap like that.

I find this a bit sad. Think of a boring lecture where the speaker just blahs through the hour, in a monotone, with no emotional inflection in his voice, with no funny anecdotes. Just dull, sensory-killing monotone. I am sure you can well imagine how you would feel having to endure that. Well, it's the same with a blog I think. Noone wants to read the same thing day in, day out. There has to be something varied and interesting about the blog which is usually the reason we read them and follow them. I personally like the person's blog and her new insights and new experiences are great to follow. How anyone could say something rejecting the change baffles me.

But the underlying problem here is, if you no longer enjoy reading it, why still read it? It's the same concept as with anything else. I had a time trying to read the book, American Psycho. It was a tedious read for me and I never finished it though I am almost sure I will enjoy the movie. I put it down and may never pick it up again. I cannot stand Tyra "It's All About Me" Banks so I don't watch her shows anymore. You don't like a blog, well...just stop reading it. Why make a whole production about it. I mean, there are cases where you may be offended by a view and you may wish to express an opinion, which is fine and well within your rights but move on...especially when it is someone's personal blog. She is not representing anyone but herself.

There is an "x" in the top right corner of every browser window. Try clicking it if you don't like anything you read here or anywhere else online. There is a back button as well. Ever used it? Maybe you're going to use it right now. Great. Have a good day.

Change is good. It's great and everyone should strive for some change. I know I could use some change right about now.


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