From the Desk of a PR Superstar

(I'm a star in life!)

Busy day today. A bit tired as well. Got home pretty late, and then stayed up fixing up a nice Chicken Alfredo for lunch today, with the infamous chicken breasts (I did bake them but they still weren't sinfully tender and I am now convinced that chefs are gods) and a box of Kraft Cheesey Alfredo Mac and Cheese. What? I am a busy woman!

Anyway, someone asked yesterday what do communicators have on their desks and since you don't know, I thought I would show you.

First...this is so cliche it hurts.

I don't think I have ever opened that but it's there!

That's a.m. eh. That's on my desk. This was not an automated photo. It was taken by a real person -me. Need I say more?

My Cheerios (a staple of any early riser cause of its ease of preparation), some Light Vanilla Soy Milk, trusty oversized mug to recreate that home feeling at the office (hardly ever works), water.
Breakfast of the woman on the move! Coffee is missing but trying to cut back this week.

What? Who has time to get a manicure but your nails can still look nice on short notice.
Thank you Revlon ColourStay.

Early morning bonding. My laptop which takes me to my social media, both personal and company sites, and my wonderful stuffed cow, Rosie, who likes to get in the thick of the action.

And that's the most exciting stuff. Everything else looks like work. I think this was a nice break from my regularly scheduled blogging. I am off to an early morning thing so be good.


becomingkate said...

SIX AM?! Good god - I can barely drag my butt out of bed at 6:30...

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