Podcasting Adventures, Part 2 - Behind the Mic

Last night I got home with a terrible headache, lancing pain on my right side, from my hip bone to my toes and hunger (lol). I cannot remember getting into bed, or failing miserably at trying to read a chapter of my novel, or turning off the light before 8.30pm, but I clearly did cause the book was back on the bookshelf, my blankie was on the bed, and the light had been off. That being said, it was not a bad day.

I had my first podcast recording session yesterday. Funny. One thing I can say about podcasting, you bond with your colleagues over your flubs and tongue tied-ness. Even though you may have had the odd kitchen chat ever so often, sitting together for 2 hours, laughing out loud over lost thought streams, mispronounciations and invented words can do wonders for employee engagement. For 2 hours, I was really enjoying my job. We did okay for a first run at it. In an organisation that's used to deadlines, numbers, targets, results, wins - talking about what you do is not as simple as it may seem, nor is it initially seen as a priority. Yet it is. And, like everything else in the business, people take this talking thing seriously. Talking in a makeshift studio - an empty office, my laptop and a mic - brings on the nerves apparently. I guess because there was so much info to share, there was the obvious anxiety, and it will be my job to get them to just talk. But getting them talking is a must and not just talking, but having a genuine conversation, without anxiety and a sense of responsibility to a team, or a manager, to "bring it". But there is clearly an excitement there to share, so it makes it all easier and worthwhile.

I am excited to get more of these hidden faces behind a microphone, finding their passions, telling their stories, educating our audience, bringing our customers in to the fold - flubs and all. Creating conversations is fab!

It should be fun.


kramtt said...

you are getting me excited about this podcast!!! I have always wanted to do that, but lack of proper time to devote to creating a quality product, technically, and lack of ideas to produce quality content stymied my efforts.

It is great to see local and Caribbean people getting into this arena. I hope things work out well... let us know when things are up and running!

trinidarlin said...

I am hoping for the best. It's a lot of juggling but somehow I am still sane and off drugs.

I would love to see more local companies doing it as well. Trinis are much more tech savvy and knowledge hungry than we give them credit for.

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