Friday Fun: Log Out, Shut Down, Roll Out

As you know on Friday, it's typical to keep it humorous here. This is a viral campaign from last year from Sony VAIO - a real tongue in cheek ad campaign for a laptop, with a reverse psychology spin. Listen closely and ask yourself, Should I be in this meeting? Am I one of these people?

Social media has changed the face of communications.The basic tenets of what we do in PR are still there - things like face-to-face interactions, building relationships, interesting credible content, for example. What social media has done is enhance how we do these and create more opportunities where and how we do them.

Personally, it has changed how I communicate with friends and how we share with each other, but I still like a good girls' night out, and dinners and vacations. It has just made experiences more colourful, in more ways than one. Yet, I don't think I am eligible to be part of this group.

Are you able to log out, shut down and roll out?


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